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Last Guard: The True Story of Cowboy Life from Actual Experiences of L. H. "Doc" Chivington (ISBN: 978-0-9676794-2-6)

Last Guard is a true story of cowboy life written by a real cowboy.

There have been many different stores written, many different pictures painted, and many false impressions made that romanticize or embellish the larger-than-life persona of the Western cowboy.

The word cowboy brings to our minds vivid images, images often shaped by movies, stories, childhood toys, or Wild West reenactments. These images range from the dashing hero in a white hat rescuing a pretty maiden; to the gunslinger shooting from the hip; to the wild rogue cowboy fighting off natices or six-shooting his way through saloon brawls and gunfights.

In this story, L. H. "Doc" Chivington tells of the Western cowboy as he really was from 1900 to 1913. Chivington wrote Last Guard during the 1930s, using notes he had taken while he lived as a true cowboy. These notes and historical accounts of his life were passed on to his family and then published in 2015 to provide a more accurate account of life as "a real Western cowboy."

Little Snake River Museum
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Savery, Wyoming
Open daily from 10 am to 4:30 pm (seasonal)
The Outlaw Stop in Baggs is closed for the year.