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The museum is open in Savery but the Outlaw Stop in Baggs is closed for the season.
In Savery, we are open from
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Look Both Ways Before Breaking the Law: A Rowdy Memoir (ISBN-13: 978-1467945615)

Sophie Burden was raised on an historic dude ranch outside of Wickenburg, Arizona. She married Dom Echeverria, a Basque who proved both loving and explosive. Their life took them to the high Andes of Peru, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming, where they ran one of the largest ranching operations in the West and raised eight children. Alternately funny and tragic, you will find her remarkable memoir difficult to put down. Part II of her story, Look Both Ways Before Breaking the Law, delves into what happens to the family when Dom unexpectedly dies; the second of Sophie’s children succumbs to cystic fibrosis after a life-long battle; and the oldest children marry and begin lives of their own. The family’s courage—and outright shenanigans—are unmatched. A wonderful stand-alone read, Look Both Ways will have you running to the bookstore for Part I: When in Doubt, Step on the Gas. I strongly believe the term rip-snorting was created to describe the Echeverria clan. The second volume of this family saga is just as funny, sad, tragic, and life-affirming as the first. The story is amazing and Sophie is the writer to match it. —Tim Sandlin Best-selling author and screenwriter

Little Snake River Museum
"Preserving our History for the Valley's Future"
Savery, Wyoming
Open daily from 10 am to 4:30 pm (seasonal)
The Outlaw Stop in Baggs is closed for the year.



September 27th

Meet at the Cowboy Inn

at 7:30 a.m.

26th Annual

Fall Trek

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Brown's Hill- Schools &


McCary Ranch-

Coffee and rolls

& history of ranch & Tullis

High Savery Reservoir

McCarty Canyon road &

Five Buttes

Wild Cow road to the

JO Ranch and then

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