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The museum in Savery
is open
for the season
every day through 
"Some cold day in October"
The Outlaw Stop
in Baggs is CLOSED
foro the season
 Rag Dolls

Make your own Rag Doll!


Step 1:       Cut 13 to 18, 2-inch wide strips of plain or solid colored fabric. The  length of strips can vary, however 12 to 20 inches long works well.


Step 2:       Cut two 10X6 inch rectangles of colored or printed fabric for the apron and the kerchief.


Step 3:       Roll one or two of the strips into a ball to form the doll’s head. Once the ball is completed take a strip and drape it over the doll’s head and tie it with another strip under the head to maintain the round shape.


Step 4:       Drape 2 or 3 strips of fabric over the center of doll’s head and tie  them directly below the back of the doll’s head to begin to form the skirt.


Step 5:       Take 2 or 3 more strips and drape them the other direction over the  doll’s head to form the other half of the skirt, they too should be tied under the doll’s head. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are pleased with the size of the doll’s head and skirt.


Step 6:       Take one or two strips of the skirt material and fold or roll them to  the center of the doll to make arms. Twist the arms and tie them between the folds of fabric. Arms can also be made by twisting a strip of the skirt on each end and tying a knot at the end of the twist.


Step 7:       Make the doll’s apron by cutting a small strip off of the top of one of  the patterned rectangles. Fold the remaining fabric over this strip and tie it behind the doll under the arms.


Step 8:       Cut a large triangle from the second rectangle for the kerchief.  Place the triangle on the doll’s head and tie two corners of the triangle  together under the doll’s chin.

 Corn Husk Dolls

Make your own Corn Husk Doll



Before beginning, soak cornhusks in a bucket of water until they are soft and pliable.


Take four soft cornhusks and arrange them as shown.

Using a small piece of string, tie the straight ends together tightly and trim around the edges.

Turn upside down and pull long ends of husks down over the trimmed edges.

Tie with string to form the head.

Take another husk, flatten it, and roll into a tight cylinder. Tie each end with string. This forms the doll’s arms.

Fit the arms inside of the long husks, just below the neck and tie with string, as shown, to form a waist.

Drape several thin husks around the arms and upper body in a criss-cross pattern to form shoulders.

Take four or five husks, and arrange around the waist covering the head. Tie tightly with string.

Turn husks down to form a skirt for the doll. Tie loosely with a string until dry.  Trim bottom of skirt evenly, allowing the doll to stand.

Using a soft husk form a scarf around the head and shoulders. Use corn silk for hair.

To form legs for the doll tie legs with small strips of husks as indicated. Finish off the doll by tying small strips of husk around the neck and waist to hide the string. Small scraps of cloth may be used to dress the doll.


Little Snake River Museum
"Preserving our History for the Valley's Future"
Savery, Wyoming
Open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (seasonal)
The Outlaw Stop in Baggs is open Friday-Sunday.

Fall Trek

Sept 24th

Meet in the

Center of Baggs

at 7:30

Powder Wash,


Cow Creek,

CCC Camp

Sand Creek

Sheep industry

Life & Times

September 26th


Back to School

Dinner at 5:00

discussion after

In Savery at the museum

Fall Festival

October 8th 




Mega Slingshot



Fun for the whole family