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Every year the Little Snake River Museum has the opportunity to meet adventurers from across the country or the world. Often, these people are on trips that one would never imagine, much less complete. From walking across the country to completing the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route to riding horseback from Canada to Brazil, these brave souls always come with a story to tell. Here are a few of our most recent extreme travelers:

 Tour Divide 2015- Racers from all over the world ride from Canada to Mexico

Men and women with plenty of grit start the race in Canada and, riding mainly on dirt roads, they follow the Continental Divide for 2,745 miles to a little crossing on the Mexican border. Hardly stopping, some of them pedal night and day. The fastest biker completed the race in just over two weeks, with the three leaders arriving within 45 minutes of each other. Additionally, the rules state that the riders can have no support and must fend for themselves along the way.

This year, the route passes directly by the museum, having come from Wamsutter and going on to Steamboat. The museum is nearly the only stop on the route, and the riders are very glad to find us. It is a long, hot and dry stretch from Wamsutter to Savery; there isn't a single tree or a trickle of water on the route. One rider recorded 104 degrees on his thermometer. Several riders misjudged the length and consequently ran out of water. The museum brought in food and lots of bottled drinks for the riders to replenish themselves before they head on.

The riders stop just long enough to refuel with a bit of food and lots of drinks.  Then, they head on to the next stop at Brush Creek Ranch in Slater, where many of them spend the night.

The racers each carry a GPS devise, which tracks them every three minutes or so and plots their progress on the internet. After meeting them, museum employees follow their progress, joining remotely in their victories at the finish. Anyone who completes even half of that arduous trip is considered a hero around here.

Michele Miani from Italy was the first racer to come through the museum.
Joe Dean from Wisconsin takes a break.
Will Bodewes from Wisconsin, Elliot Dumont from Tuscon, and Ryan Hamilton from British Columbia
Refueling at the museum
Ready to ride again: Andrew Tipene from New Zealand, Lynne Slivosky from California, Robert McDonald from Baltimore, and Tom Karren from Bend, Oregon.
Robert McDonald from Baltimore pauses before he heads out on the final leg of the day.
"Team Rice Burner" a father daughter team (Billy and Lina Rice) are riding in the race.
Eric Morton checks out the route. He prefers a map over a GPS, he says; 'it won't run out of batteries'.
 Filipe Masetti Leite
Filipe Masetti Leite
Filipe Leite is riding horseback from Canada to Brazil

On July 8, 2012 Filipe Masetti  Leite left Calgary, Canada to begin an epic journey across Canada, America, and South America. In total the trip will be over 9,000 miles and through nearly 15 countries. This adventure fulfills a longtime dream held by Filipe and his father and is inspired by another famous horseback ride made by Aime Tschiffelly in 1925 ride when she traveled from Argentina to Washington D.C. Felipe visited the LSR Museum in September 2012 and expected to arrive in his final destination of Brazil in 2013. To find out more about Filipe and follow his journey you can check out his Journey America Facebook and his OutWildTV Journal.  

 Yoshi Watanabe
Yoshi Watanabe
Yoshi is walking from Brooklyn New York to California

Yoshi is walking from Brooklyn New York to Eureka California to honor a dear friend.  He left New York in March in a snowstorm and came by the museum on July 4th. You can follow Yoshi's travels on his website  or on his facebook page or just do a search on Tokyo Circus to see what antics he is up to now. If you are on the road between Wyoming and California, keep an eye out for Yoshi's bright yellow vest and his even brighter smile.

 Pascal Stauble
Pascal Stauble
Pascal Stauble halfway though his journey

Pascal Stauble has cycled throughout the world. Originally hailing from Switzerland Pascal has cycled in Europe, Africa, and North America, but it was his journey throughout the Western United States and Canada that brought him to the LSR Museum. Pascal took the summer and fall of 2013 and dedicated it to the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, a trip that will take 6 months to complete. Pascal plans on arriving in San Diego in the beginning of December 2013 before returning home to Switzerland to continue his work as a psychotherapist.

 Taylor Stone, John Akira Harrold, and John Wolfstone Trautwein
Taylor Stone, John Akira Harrold, and John Wolfstone Trautwein
Fort Collins Cyclists grab some shade at the Museum.

Taylor Stone, John Akira Harrold, and John Wolfstone Trautwein decided to take a bike ride... to the West Coast from Fort Collins, Colorado! The three friends found the Museum on accident in August 2013, but they enjoyed their visit, even coming back for the Outdoor Movie Night. Overall, the journey will take the experienced outdoorsmen through multiple states, including Alaska by the end of summer 2013.

 Clark Family
Clark Family
The Clark Family heads off on a bike tour

If you are part of the Clark family you know that summer is for biking. For as long as their sons can remember the Clarks have been biking different trails across the United States. In August of 2013 the Clark's left the LSR Museum ready to conquer the Colorado portion of the Continental Divide bike trail. The family returned a few weeks later, without doubt planning their next two-wheel adventure.

Emily Sharp, a cyclist from Jindera, NSW, Australia, visits the LSR Museum.
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